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The Events section of the Baia di Nora Hotel is the best way to always keep up to date and plan your holiday in Sardinia according to the best events of the season.

In our blog you will find all the events, food festivals and festivities of the Baia di Nora and the surrounding. This tourist blog is a guide to Pula and the surrounding area. Where to eat, what to see, the best itineraries, sports, popular beaches and hidden jems, the best diving and kite surfing schools… that is, an authentic guide written by locals.

Sardinia, and South-Western Sardinia especially, is a unique holiday destination, rich in resources for you to explore: mountains, sea and beaches are the background to a wide array of excursions and activities, such as mountain biking, trekking, kite surfing, sailing, diving and much more.

In this tourist blog we will periodically highlight the best events, concerts, food festivals and festivities taking place in the area.

Solidarity exchanges – The lagoon of Nora

Today the mistral wind is annoying and we take the opportunity to get to know something more about this corner of paradise … so let’s change the plans and head towards the Lagoon of Nora. We leave the hotel and we head to the promontory where the Nora’s Tower or Coltellazzo’s  Tower. We reach the entrance, [...]

Pinuccio Sciola’s Sound Garden

If we Sardinians wanted to amaze you, we will do it without missing a beat, taking you to the sea, but we are sure that there is no other place in the world that can leave you incredulous like this: the Sound Garden dedicated to Pinuccio Sciola. Such as? you say, are there plants that [...]

Janas, Sardinian Fairies

There’re many affinities between the stories of Northern Europe and those of Sardinia: “Is Animeddas” is one of these.  Halloween is the equivalent of Is Animeddas because they have in common many rites. In Sardinia there are also other mythological figures typical of the Irish lands. These are  the Fairies, which we call Janas. Sardinian [...]

Not only sea, Sardinia is also mountain

Sardinia is usually associated with sea, holidays,  sun, and beaches while it’s also a wonderful region for hiking around its hills and wild inland. About the 13% of the island is composed by  “mountains”, while hills and countryside are crossed by paths  in an uncontaminated nature. A sovereign nature that invites hikers to silence in order [...]

Sangria of Sardinia, in the land of Carignano.

Sangria is a summer blood-colored drink, as its name comes from the Spanish “sangre”. It was born in 1800 in the Iberian peninsula, thanks to the intuition and “good taste” of the Spanish and Portuguese peasants, who combined the fruits of the earth with red wine. It seems that in those parts the saying “if [...]

Monte Arcosu and its love stories.

This September at the WWF Oasis of Mount Arcosu, nights are agitated!  In the intricate forest of  holm oak, cork oaks, heather and strawberry tree, the “Cervus elaphus corsicanus“, wanders around in search of his beloved. We are talking about the Sardinian deer, a subspecies of the European Deer, from which it differs for its [...]

Discovering the Sardinian water that burns, the filu ‘e ferru.

The “filu ‘e ferru”, literally “iron wire”, is a typical spirit of Sardinia, a passion to taste with pride. Transparent as water, but with an alcohol content above 40 degrees, it is absolutely able to inflame minds and palates. Precisely for this reason in some areas of Sardinia is also called “abbardente”, translatable into Italian [...]

Precious plaiting: the Sardinian filigree

As in most cultures, the jewels, which we call “Is Prendas“, have enormous historical, cultural and mystical value. In ancient times the jewel was a form of connection between man and the gods, to invoke his grace or to exorcise the forces of evil. The opportunities in life to receive or give a jewel were [...]

The mountain routes of AmarCord

Sardinia is known to most for its beaches and its sea, but, belive as us, its hinterland, its traditions and its history will amaze you. The mountainous territory is extremely varied, for colors and shapes, hides paths, suitable for every need, but especially and for every step, expert or beginner. For this reason the hiking [...]