Events in Southern Sardinia

Summer Events in Sardinia

Andrea Forges Davanzati welcomes the summer solstice with his works of art in the garden of the Baia di Nora Hotel. His creatures come from the water and reach the land, or hang in the air defying gravity with elegant waves, highlighting the brightness and unexpected softness of steel. Thom Loree writes of him: “The strange beauty of larvas, paramecia, microscopic algae and other organisms from deep below that assume new bright forms at the hand of Italian sculptor and designer Andrea Forges Davanzati.

His abstract works come alive thanks to the solid and graceful use of stainless steel.

Forges Davanzati, 44 years old, works in Milan and Cagliari, where he lives. His first sculptures exhibition took place in 1991 in Milan, where he taught sculpture, metal techniques and jewelery design at the New Academy of Fine Arts.

His artistic research focuses mainly on studying marine forms such as shells, sponges, madrepores, algae and the myriad of sea plants and animals. Through analysis and design, the artist transforms these delicate life forms into works of art, often in stainless steel modeled with rare modern techniques that produce reflecting plates and mirroring surfaces.”

Guests of the Baia di Nora Hotel will enjoy the privilege of admiring some of Andrea Forges Davanzati’s mysterious works, and can discover his world visiting his showroom in Cagliari.

From June 21st, 2012, some of the best works of Andrea Forges Davanzati are temporarily exhibited in the garden of the Baia di Nora Hotel and at the Nora Lagoon simultaneously.


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