Things to see in Sardinia

Things to see in Sardinia

Staying at the Baia di Nora Hotel you can explore Sardinia: you can relax away from the buzz of the city and tourist crowds, and you can discover a wide range of activities to do and places to visit.

During your stay you can play sports and activities, take walks along the beach, visit archeological sites and discover Southern Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches.

Sports and Activities

On site you can have fun playing bocce balls, ping pong and working out at the fitness center, but you will also have the opportunity to play golf in nearby Is Molas Golf Club with a 18-hole course, only 6 km away.

In the proximity of the hotel you can also take wind surfing, sailing, water skiing and snorkeling lessons, or take advantage of the hotel tennis and five-a-side football courts.

The beaches of Southern Sardinia

Exploring the area surrounding the Baia di Nora Hotel you will be amazed by the variety of the territory. Plains with almond and olive trees followed by long stretches of sand and cliffs, with ancient towers perched on the promontory against the wind.

A captivating journey that will take you to the most fascinating beaches in Southern Sardinia, such as:

Santa Margherita di Pula (9 km – 10 min.)

This locality features many white sandy beaches, for example Cala Verde, Is Morus and Stella Marina, all featuring crystal clear waters and shallow sea beds, perfect for children.

Cala Cipolla di Domus de Maria (19 km – 20 min.)

One of Chia’s beaches, situated near the Phoenician city of Bithia. Surrounded by junipers and centuries-old pine trees, it boasts opaline sand and transparent waters.

Su Portu (18 km – 20 min.)

Here you will feel as if you were somewhere else, maybe on a tropical island. Walk up the promontory to reach the ancient Tower of Chia from which you can admire the hue of colors of this amazing landscape, the golden colored pebble stones, the cream colored sand, and the thousand shades of blue of the sea.

Capo Malfatano (23 km – 30 min)

Sheltered from the wind, it features a Spanish tower that dominates over the pristine nature of the inlet.

Tuerredda (25 km – 30 min)

Considered one of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches, you will find it along the panoramic road to Teulada. An inlet with a wide hue of colors ranging from blue to white. Here you will find the small Island of Tuerredda, that you can easily reach swimming from shore.
“We highly recommend renting a car and driving along one of Europe’s most fascinating coastal roads that will take you towards Cape Teulada. Swim in the turquoise waters of the beaches of Tueredda, Piscinni and Capo Zafferano (which can only be reached by boat)! How depressing to go home after such an amazing holiday………!” (bbbMaldive, Maldive – TripAdvisor)

Nora, Sardinia’s first city

Located 800 meters from the Hotel, Nora is one of the most important archeological sites of the Mediterranean. It has Nuragic origins, however it was the Phoenicians who, between the 9th and 7th century B.C. founded what is considered by many to be Sardinia’s first city. Here, archeologists recovered an artifact reporting for the first time the name of the island.

In the 6th century, its strategic location for docking boats attracted the Carthaginians and later the Romans, who settled here for a long time.

Today, you can still see the remains and ruins of those settlements, in the backdrop of the turquoise colored sea, and dominated by a 16th century tower: a Punic temple and necropolis, Roman thermal baths, the market, a theater and ancient dwellings.

“The authentic Sardinia, different from the snob and flashy version you can find in the north… The archeological site of Nora is just magnificent, and the town of Pula is very charming: both can be reached with the hotel bikes.“ (Tessiva, Varese – TripAdvisor)