Not only sea, Sardinia is also mountain

Sardinia is usually associated with sea, holidays,  sun, and beaches while it’s also a wonderful region for hiking around its hills and wild inland. About the 13% of the island is composed by  “mountains”, while hills and countryside are crossed by paths  in an uncontaminated nature.

A sovereign nature that invites hikers to silence in order to enjoy this atmosphere. 

The Hotel Baia di Nora is next to the Regional Natural Park of Gutturu Mannu a good opportunity of divertion. The Park occupies 19,685 hectares consisting of scrub-forest and high bush of inestimable naturalistic value. The faunal species that live in this area is made by deer, goshawk, wild cat and geotritons.
On the area there are also three wildlife protection oases called “Gutturu Mannu – Monte Arcosu” “Piscina Manna – Is Cannoneris” and “Pantaleo“.

Forthermore there are the remains of ancient nuragic civilizations with finds of megalithic boulders and remains of tools.

Among the various archaeological sites, we mention: Riu Bidd’e Mores, mountain routes of amarcord/, Is Antiogus, Is Fanebas and Is Pauceris. In many of these sites it was practiced the primordial cult of forests and waters. During your visit  you will feel a particular energy which is responsable for what is called “saudade” of Sardinia.

It is strongly recommended that the visitors are accompanied by experienced and qualified local guides. In fact, due to the lack of signs and peaks to refer, it is very easy to get lost. Also do not forget a good supply of water and adequate shoes.


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