Excursions at Sea: Fishing Tourism

Discover the sea of Southern Sardinia: special excursions

The sea, the beach, the Mediterranean cuisine, the smells and colors of the natural and protected flora: these are the basic ingredients for a great holiday, but a true holiday in Sardinia must include a tour to discover the island’s beaches, coves and inlets, guided by those who truly know the sea.

At the Baia di Nora Hotel you can customize your holiday and make it truly unique.

Do you want to discover the sea life style, its secrets and its most authentic flavors?

The Beach Service will be at your disposal to help you organize fascinating excursions by sea, according to your needs and wishes: raft, sailing or motorboat tours, and for the most adventurous and curious guests, a day of Tourism Fishing. The “Aldo” fishing boat, operated by a family of fishermen, will introduce you to the mysterious marine world, to watch first hand the amazing spectacle of fishing. Hard work, commitment, and respect for the sea are awarded by the simple and authentic cuisine, which will win over your palate, while your sight is amazed by the pristine landscapes. Once back on land, the smells, flavors and images of this amazing experience will be for ever etched in your most precious memories.