A paradise by the sea in southern Sardinia

Kite Surf

Fly across the waves kite surfing in the sea of Southern Sardinia

Southern Sardinia is a very attractive destination for those who love kite surfing and want to try one of today’s most popular water sports.

Located in Pula, on Sardinia’s South-Western coast, the Baia di Nora Hotel will give you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday practicing kite surfing, thanks to the instructors of some of the best schools, such as Kitezone.

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Types of courses:

Kitezone promotes and teaches kite surfing so that you can have fun in a safe way. The Kite Surfing School F.I.V. is highly specialized with Federation instructors who will help you have fun, learn and practice this wonderful sport safely.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert kiteboarder, in this slice of heaven in Southern Sardinia you will find the best surfing conditions. Step by step, you will discover all the locations and kite secrets, both strapless and with the strap.
The classes are taught by qualified instructors who adhere to the most strict safety regulations, using state of the art equipment to facilitate your learning.

Types of courses:

Individual courses can last 3, 5 or 8 hours.

For beginners, the first lesson will include a theory session (equipment and safety norms), a ground session with a 1 – 2 m² kite that simulates movement without traction.

The following lessons will involve using different sizes of kites to improve the sensibility to the propulsion of the kite.

Then you will use the trapeze on water, to experience the body drag.

And then you will learn to use the regular trapeze and to ride upwind, transitioning from launching on land to launching over water.