Underwater world in South Sardinia

How do you explain the sea to those who look at it and see only water …

(Ritagodino, Twitter)

Today we explain it to you, the sea is a world to discover in its colors, in its silences, in its depths. And who can do it better if not who sees it from inside?

Now available to everyone, even for children, recreational diving, allows you to discover the underwater environment in complete safety, accompanied by expert guides and qualified instructors. From May to October, the seabed of South Sardinia offer a nice range of possibilities, both for recreational divers, and for the most demanding who prefer the technical dives. And just as it happens outside the water, the seabed of Sardinia is a great success among travelers who love this type of activity. Colorful sponges and delicate yellow and red Gorgonian, anchored to the walls of the deepest rocks are the background to what has now become a full-scale aquarium. The groupers, the morays and the octopuses now have a name just as they were pets, if it happens to visit the same site several times you meet them each time. If instead you prefer to get away from the typical benthic habitat of the shoals to observe the pelagic blue, it will not only be a matter of luck to meet the great snappers. Fast predators love to show off when they recur their prey or duel with their opponents. And what about the circular dances of barracudas? It is appropriate to say, “to leave you breathless”! Finally, if you are attracted to micro-environments, with a good torch you can see nudibranchs, shrimps and tiny colonies of polyps and bryozoans. You will discover that the sea is not just blue, the underwater colors are crazy.

Our sea also holds at the bottom of its “belly” several wrecks sunk in times more stormy than the current ones, the wrecks of World War II and those unfortunately ended up on the coast during storms. Even here, life is very rich, as if it wanted to replace for eternity to the one that was on the surface.

In our area, towards Capo Teulada, at Punta Zafferano, at a depth of 25 meters, the Dino, an Italian ship sunk by a strong storm, has been standing for 45 years. It is located on a sandy bottom and lies asleep on the starboard side.

You can take advantage of these experiences thanks to the Fralomar Diving Center located in the tourist port of  Calaverde that for almost thirty years, with seriousness and professionalism, accompanies thousands of enthusiasts, experts or simply curious, to discover the wonders of the underwater world of South-Sardinia.

The opportunities offered by the Fralomar Diving Center are many, including recreational diving and techniques, that can be done both day and night, and technical courses to achieve the most important qualifications.

Enjoy the blue and all the other colors!