Five valid reasons to choose the Hotel Baia di Nora in South Sardinia

Holidays in Sardinia: 5 reasons to choose Baia di Nora

You are ready for the next summer holidays in Sardinia, but on the almost 2,000 km of coastline, you are still undecided about which area to choose and we cannot blame you. Here the beaches, the bays and the promontories offer real paintings. But with your permission we will describe some strengths of our hotel starting from its certainly enviable position.

Lets begin talking about the sea, of what you will have available right in front of our structure. Directly from your room, along our charming blooming garden, the pride of our hotel, you can dive into one of the most beautiful bays of South Sardinia. You got it right, no shuttles, no roads, directly from the garden to the beach.

Another excellent reason is the opportunitiy to practice sport, a “sea of sports“! If you desire you can practice activities such as canoeing, wind surfing, SUP and sailing. All activities that can be directly opted for on the beach. Even an apparently banal walk on the shoreline has its own reason. During the warmer hours of the day, a ride along the cycle path will allow you to explore the surroundings and the center of Pula.

But let’s not just talk about the sea, if you consider yourself a person of culture you cannot miss the Archaeological Site of Nora, “the most ancient city of Sardinia”. An area rich in history inhabited by Phoenicians, Punics and Romans. A step back in time that will take you to the 16th century BC. Now an ancient port from which to sail with any wind, was the Caput Viae, or zero km of all the roads in Sardinia. All you have to do is leaveour hotel and take the road towards the small church of S. Efisio and head towards the Coltellazzo tower, the signs will do the rest.

If  nature is your greatest interest then we have won! Indeed you have won … you are in the right place. right behind our Hotel lies the Nora Lagoon managed by the Center for Environmental Education. Here the structure managed very well by biologists and naturalists, carries out a set of activities aimed at protecting the entire lagoon ecosystem. The CEAS is responsible for the Cetacean and Sea Turtle Recovery Center, where it is not unlikely to find any wounded turtle in the rehabilitation phase, a Mediterranean Aquarium, the “living museum”, and a Cetacean Gallery. But that’s not all, the center organizes canoe trips to observe the hidden birdlife in the lagoon and snorkeling in shallow waters. Swimming alongside fish such as scorpion fish, damsels, moray eels and octopus, you can admire the ancient submerged remains of the Roman quarry and fragments of amphorae that over time the Posidonia has bridled as in an eternal embrace, warning for visitors less sensitive to the respect of environment.

Last but not least, only in July, is the XXXVIII the poetry festival “La notte dei Poeti”, which takes place in a setting rich in history and culture as well as charming, the ancient Roman amphitheater located within the archaeological complex of Nora and in the historic center of Pula.
Hurry, if you book before February 29 you can take advantage of the  special offer , valid for stays from May to October. You will save up to 20%. Don’t waste time, spend your holidays in Sardinia!


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