Between sea and lagoon with a canoe

It is possible to live the ruins of Nora from another perspective? The answer is YES! From the sea and in the night. Beach resort Cayo Loco which hosts the association “Centro velico Capoterra A.S.D.” (Sailing center Capoterra A.S.D.) located in “Maddalena” beach in partnership with the “Centro velico Porto D’Agumu” proposes you, for the entire summer season, canoeing under the stars. A few minutes’ walk from our hotel, a qualified staff will take you along the Roman ruins, starting from Porto D’Agumu to Isola di Coltellazzo. You will slip on the water retracing ancient routes, used in the past by Phoenicians and Roman to put in safe place ships, to transport and trade with the ancient Sardinian citizens named Shardana, oil, wine and many other things. Paddle a canoe in the night, above the surface of the water and the submerged treasure of Nora, it will take you far, in the silence of the night, absorbed in the stillness and in the harmony, accompanied by the sound of the sea.

The Sailing center Capoterra offers you canoeing in the sea and near the lagoon of Santa Gilla, where, if you keep silence, it is easy to watch the beautiful greater flamingo that in Sardinia is also called “Sa genti Arrubia” and you can observe other species of birds typically present on lagoon like Black-winged stilt, herons, egrets.

In Addition, offers you other types of services, leisure, sport and educational. Them are aimed at children from 7 years up to adults and offers courses in sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing (for beginners), beach tennis, Zumba, Aquagym, Pilates. All courses are held by qualified teachers and carried out during every day of the week, are practising on a 1700mq shoreline on subtle and wonderful beaches with a crystal clear sea. For children are organised educational and experimental workshops.