Beach Walking: keeping fit

Beach walking: do it in Sardinia

Sea sports include many activities, with different levels of impact: even walking by the sea could become a strong exercise if it is done with energy and effort. The new wellness trend advices “Beach walking “, as one of  the best activities that produces significant benefits for body and soul. Here by are some of the strenghness points of a beach holiday.

The presence of salts such as sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, iodine, calcium, potassium, bromine and silicon is released into the air through the sea spray, a natural aerosol that helps improving breathing and clearing the lungs. These salts act by osmosis on the tissues and by immersing the legs in water are an excellent adjuvant in the drainage of excess liquids and in the activation of the metabolism. The circulatory and muscular system also has benefits from the sea: the water pressure, the contrasting action that is exerted on the wave motion and the continuous search for balance on the shoreline are better than a personal trainer. Toned legs and firm glutes against any gravitational effort,  are the results of a super coach training.

Furthermore, scientific research has ascertained that diseases such as respiratory allergies, anemia, arthrosis, depression, but also distortions, fractures, hypothyroidism, rheumatic diseases, psoriasis and rickets, are heading towards a healing process thanks to the presence of the sea. 

In addition to the physical aspect, obviously not negligible, it is proved that the sea rejuvenates tired minds. Three factors are involved in this virtuous circle: sound, colors and light.

The first known as “white noise”, is given by the sum of all the sound frequencies perceived by our ear and determines a feeling of well-being.

The blue color and all its nuances (our sea is an exceptional palette for this), are the colors best appreciated by man and generate pleasure.

Than, the sun, the light. The skin absorbs the light synthesizing vitamin D which regulates the metabolism of calcium and therefore serves in the calcification of bones, but in addition to this, it stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of “good humor”.

The sea is good!

The maximum result with the least effort, a brisk walk on the shore for 40 minutes and  a stretching for 10 minutes oflistening to the sounds of the sea and in a short time you will have new engine and bodywork! 

And fortunately in Sardinia you have at your disposal km of beaches. Fantastic!


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