Information Summer 2022

Our commitment to guarantee you a safe holiday

Baia di Nora Hotel, to comply with the guidelines set out by the document prepared by the CONFERENCE OF THE REGIONS AND AUTONOMOUS PROVINCES 20/81/CR01/COV19, would like to inform hotel Guests of the following procedures:


The spacious layout of the hotel, from its beautiful garden to the private beach, naturally lends itself to social distancing. At the current time, the owners, management and staff, pay particular attention to assure the health protection of all Guests.


Specific professionals will train all staff, to prevent, take daily actions and manage any critical situation.
Information notes will be displayed and distributed to all Guests.
The management will ensure compliance with the guidelines.


Regular medical check-ups will be carried out on all employees.
Body temperature of staff will be checked at the start of every shift.
Body temperature of all Guests may be monitored, in compliance with the guidelines of protection of personal data, even if not provided for by the law.
Rooms will be reserved for the exclusive use of a possible case of positivity without symptoms or with mild symptoms or in any condition that does not require hospitalization.


Availability of alcohol-based sanitizing gel dispensers at various points throughout the hotel.
Cleaning and disinfection of common areas and rooms, with the use of specific and certified products.
Disinfection of air conditioning systems.
Disinfection of equipment and water in the pool to comply with international norms and standards, bringing the values to the upper limits of the compliance range.
Record keeping for all products used and operations carried out.


Reorganization of work spaces for staff and spaces for guests
In order to speed up the check-in procedures, hotel Guests will be asked to send identification documents prior to arrival.
Before departure, in order to minimize the time spent at reception, a print out of the bill will be delivered, possibly to the room, so Guests can check the charges prior to settling the bill.
Separate routes to enter and exit common areas.
Spacing of sunbeds and parasols on the beach and pool, according to the guidelines. Spacing of tables in the bar and restaurant.
Entrance to the swimming pool in limited numbers.
Those summarized above are the general guidelines that will guide the action plan in accordance with the recommendations of local and national public health authorities with the aim of preventing cases of virus positivity.


The European Union provides Re-open Eu, a tool that provides information on the health situation in European countries based on data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
The site also provides information on country restrictions, quarantine and testing requirements for travelers, and mobile contact tracking and coronavirus alerting applications.
The web site is available at


The management and staff will work together to ensure a first-rate service, that remains a beautiful memory of the holiday.