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The Events section of the Baia di Nora Hotel is the best way to always keep up to date and plan your holiday in Sardinia according to the best events of the season.

In our blog you will find all the events, food festivals and festivities of the Baia di Nora and the surrounding. This tourist blog is a guide to Pula and the surrounding area. Where to eat, what to see, the best itineraries, sports, popular beaches and hidden jems, the best diving and kite surfing schools… that is, an authentic guide written by locals.

Sardinia, and South-Western Sardinia especially, is a unique holiday destination, rich in resources for you to explore: mountains, sea and beaches are the background to a wide array of excursions and activities, such as mountain biking, trekking, kite surfing, sailing, diving and much more.

In this tourist blog we will periodically highlight the best events, concerts, food festivals and festivities taking place in the area.

Janas, Sardinian Fairies

There’re many affinities between the stories of Northern Europe and those of Sardinia: “Is Animeddas” is one of these.  Halloween is the equivalent of Is Animeddas because they have in common many rites. In Sardinia there are also other mythological figures typical of the Irish lands. These are  the Fairies, which we call Janas. Sardinian [...]

Red tuna caught in Sardinia, tuna traps and our chef’s touch.

The Bluefin tuna, “Thunnus thynnus”, is the prized species fished in our seas, particularly in the Carloforte and Portoscuso tonnaras, the only ones that still practice this particular fishing technique in Sardinia. The Bluefin tuna swims across the Atlantic Ocean but it is a Mediterranean species. During spring, in the  period of reproduction, tuna’s flocks, [...]

Beach Walking: keeping fit

Beach walking: do it in Sardinia Sea sports include many activities, with different levels of impact: even walking by the sea could become a strong exercise if it is done with energy and effort. The new wellness trend advices “Beach walking “, as one of  the best activities that produces significant benefits for body and [...]

Su Coccoi: Sardinian wedding bread

Sardinians are very proud of their traditions: one of the most significative, for their  identity, is the processing of bread. Bread has a long tradition especially in weddings and for the bride. Read on to find out more. Since the Neolithic age, bread has been not only the main feed, for its nutritional value, but also [...]

Precious plaiting: the Sardinian filigree

As in most cultures, the jewels, which we call “Is Prendas“, have enormous historical, cultural and mystical value. In ancient times the jewel was a form of connection between man and the gods, to invoke his grace or to exorcise the forces of evil. The opportunities in life to receive or give a jewel were [...]

Malloreddus with “Ghisau de caboniscu”

The term malloreddu or malloreddus (plural) derives from an expression used since ancient times in the agro-pastoral field. It is a diminutive of malloru that in Sardinian language means “bull”. As a consequence, when the malloreddus was created, it had to remember the calves, rounded and good. It is important to remember that, in the [...]

An heritage from the past: weaving

The history of Sardinia can be traced back through the tradition of craftsmanship with its characteristics of particularity and quality that pursue the rules and techniques of the past. The fabrics, the tapestries, the carpets, the knives, the filigree jewels still retain the classic forms and decorative motifs, but always current that are appreciated all [...]